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  Iowa is a Wonderful Place The pioneers who founded this state believed in freedom and limited government.
Many of them went off to fight the Civil War to secure the rights of others.
If we want to pass their legacy of personal liberty and individual responsibility down to the next generation, now is the time to take a stand against the unlimited government nanny state that McCarthy is trying to force upon us.
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Team Work It is going to take team work and great effort and Larry is ready to deliver for the next generation.
Larry's Platform
Smart Policy Lower taxes increase Freedom.  Read
about it here.
The McCarthy Record

Higher Taxes Broken Promises
Gronstal's Partner in the Legislature.


About Larry
Navy Commander Served his country and wants to serve  Iowa again.
Tired of the McCarthy Spending Machine It is time to bring Larry back to the legislature to fix all that McCarthy has broken and support the freedoms and liberties that made Iowa strong.   With the cost of the floods and high gas prices we must work to reduce state wasteful spending and strengthen Iowa's future for the sake of our children.  If we keep increasing taxes and reducing freedom, they will leave.
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